A Letter from Us to You

Dear You,

We hope you are well and up and high in your spirits.

We at SHWH, bring to you, textiles and crafts from our very own Indian heroes, our Artisans. Have you ever noticed that we take so much pride and gratification in showing off our garments bought from international brands? Still, we seldom consider that pride in flaunting our Bandhani and Ajrakh pieces. Well, there is not just Ajrakh and Bandhani, but many such Indian Crafts practised all over India. Here’s the interesting fact, these are generations old and have been passed down to the artisans by their forefathers.

Do you think you will be able to pass down your current tees and jeans to your children? No, right? But these handcrafted products are keepers. Owning each piece is like preserving with you a part of the generations-old craft which you can pass down to your kids. We want people to wear these garments with equal pride that they would take in wearing an international brand dress or top.

Come join us in our journey and be a part in taking these Indian crafts, traditions, culture and stories forward. Let us uplift them for our coming generations, to cherish them with Love and time.

Be a true spirited Indian. Go Vocal for Local!

With Love,



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