Bhujodi Handloom Sarees : One Of The Wonders of Kutch

By : Asmita Jaiswal

Gazing at the color of the sky, the setting sun, as it flashes its warm Rays through the filter of the clouds destined to land on the face, others perceive the journey of the gleam ends overlaying the skin. while de facto the vibrant energy sparks inside the heart of one who finished working endlessly over a heartfelt Commitment started over a month ago.

The evening brings immense joy yet a feeling of resentment and doubt.

Crafted with love

Relentlessly evoked by the reality of the mills taking away the jobs of those imbibed with creativity, imagination, and skill, notwithstanding the most ignored ones.This bittersweet feeling, of comprehending the final product, simultaneously reminded him of the eased-off embracement of handwork and the beauty of one’s mind. Yet,He chose to cherish the evening with faith in his eye, the belief that one day the world will see his creation with the utmost respect and deserved value.

Another such evening, The bodacious sound of the Bhujodi handloom located inside the homes of the vankar stands still. As the junior vankar (weaver) doubtfully stares at the warp stand and the flying shuttle, he rethinks with an innocent ambition to be accepted and earn better, while the untouched fibers await to be held and spun on the wheel though wishing the best for the bewildered eyes of the child.

Unaware the boy blames himself for not being able to pull through a livelihood by weaving unknown he might knit the most beautiful craft the generation can find Little did he know, the consumers too, remain concealed and ignorant to the cherishable impacts of the country's textiles.

The feeling of accomplishment and acknowledgement are two contrary different worlds yet the most coinciding ones,Quoting Sant Kabir, जब गुण को गाहक मिले, तब गुण लाख बिकाई, जब गुण को गाहक नहीं, तब कौड़ी बदले जाई | Translates as, When Talent is acknowledged by the consumer the Value of the creation increases, in the same way, if the talent is ignored, the product will be assumed as low-graded.

Commemorating the weaver living about 8 km from the city of Bhuj in Gujarat, the textile centre `Bhujodi’.His Day starts with shining eyes to pursue the job they are identified by,Vankar community known for being the weavers of the village and weaving the 500-year old stories about the fabrics invented on their looms.Earlier: weaving to sustain a livelihood Today: weaving to save the history and pride of the community.

Bhujodi has come a long way and holds an intense history of ups and downs, Earlier, bhujodi was used in an exchange of wool or cotton fabrics from the other communities of kutch and worn by the locals of the village, yet the tedious efforts to create bhujodi remain the same today.Starting from dyeing the fibres, sun-drying, lining them on the vertical warp stand, proceeding to systematically arrangement of the handloom with the warp and weft fibres. The Men of the community are usually responsible for weaving, using their own hands to calculate the threads and create motifs, stripes, and several other patterns. This requires immense concentration and skill to perfectly weave Bhujodi.

Women of the Vankar families have always been a great support and the pillar of the Bhujodi creations, From embroideries like the mirror work to knotting the signature tassels at the end parts of Bhujodi stoles and sarees stand for graceful beauty of the textile.The woven stripes and motifs represent nature, musical instruments, and the handloom itself; it truly is the inspiration of the minds of the vankars.

These simple geometric motifs require excessive technical expertise.The monochromatic patterns, as well as the colourful designs both, suit the bhujodi creations.There have been various budding designers coming up with using the bhujodi textiles to style the most trendy products of the season!

Bhujodi is one of the most respected textiles of Kutch, accepted by various countries for its uniqueness, cherished for being handmade from scratch.Apart from the natural fabrics like silk, wool, and cotton, today we see all the kinds of fibres being incorporated in making and bringing out the best from the handlooms.

Showcasing The Natural Colours

The arid condition of various parts of Rajasthan seems to be the curse of the state, yet people of Kutch have found the silver lining.The Kala cotton, an indigenous variety that has been immensely used, has evolved under desert conditions and does not require excessive irrigation and pesticides to flourish.We might notice the most premium designs from the west that can be beautifully stitched using our very own indigenous fabrics!

Consumers and admirers are often unaware about the journey of exquisite fabrics like the Bhujodi Handloom saree before it reaches the exhibition or the store. All the Ethnic sarees have massive stories behind them, The idea of culture is to be provided more practically for the younger generations to wholeheartedly accept and embrace Bhujodi and the story of eternal skill and innovative handlooms.

Communities or states don’t separate us from celebrating the year-old creations of India!

We believe the Bhujodi sarees/stoles bring out the uniqueness and strength of one in the most wondrous manner! The colors and the patterns weaved with bare fingers impart life to the original Bhujodi Textile.

Share our love for Indian handmade fabrics and crafts like Bhujodi by exploring some gorgeous Bhujodi Handloom sarees and Stoles at our store,all lovingly made by our amazing artisans from Kutch.

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